It’s Pi Day!

“Each year, March 14 is Pi Day, in honor of the mathematical constant. Saturday is the once-in-a-century event when the year, ’15, brings the full date in line with the first five digits of pi’s decimal expansion — 3.1415. Typical celebrations revolve around eating pies and composing “pi-kus” (haikus with three syllables in the first line, one in the second and four in the third). But perhaps a better way to commemorate the day is by trying to grasp what pi truly is, and why it remains so significant.”

Manil Suri, Don’t Expect Math to Make Sense, The New York Times

Dear Pi, tell
I’m still trying.

Do read Manil Suri’s piece in The NYT. It’s informative, but not the boring kind. I still don’t quite figure his last statement in his article though. And I bet I won’t ever figure it out. Haha.

Happy Pi Day, everyone!



Jordan wasn’t the type of person you’d notice for his physique or face. Nothing extraordinary about his overall looks at all, yet the way he walks in halls and speaks to us are distinct. He doesn’t light up a room with his smile like a typical-boy-next-door but exudes this kind of warmth–ranging from amusement to pure irritation.

“Is he gay?” I asked my friends.

“I don’t know,” answered one of them. “Maybe.”

“He is gay. Couldn’t be gayer than that,” said another. What does that even mean?

On bright days, Jordan would sashay into the room, place his stuff on his chair and approach anyone nearby, quipping funny and silly remarks. To some, his presence could sometimes equate to laughter. In contrast, when days are full of unwanted surprises, he’d come in with an empty look. Just like today.

“I haven’t studied a thing,” he said, frantically scanning a book.

I tried to calm him down a bit. “It’s okay. Did you at least read?” I was worried for myself too, but not in a state he was in.

“Well, I’m reading now.”

As most of us talked about mundane things, Jordan was in his chair concentrating and shifting from one material to another. The rest of us should be prepping like him, actually, but we were too drained to even lift a single page. We’ve all been there: cramming to the very last minute.

“I’m dead meat,” Jordan said as soon as our professor walked in, “but whatever.”

The questions were just as difficult as we expected. There were easy ones too, if your nerve didn’t get the better of you. Jordan was hunched on his paper the whole time. At the end of the period, he got a better score than most of us in the class.

We piled out the of the room feeling disappointed. “It was so damn hard,” Jordan commented.

“Says the person who got a better score,” one of our friends retorted bitterly.

“I guessed on everything. Honestly.”

“Whatever you say.”

“Let’s just take a selfie,” Jordan said warmly,pulling his phone out of his pocket and prepping himself for a pose. Yet another hashtag in our timeline.

cr: Thomas Jarrand


One shot of brandy and I feel her coming undone.
A misery she carved herself into–
while I’m lost on what to do
…besides drink.

Two shots of brandy, that’s all we need.
Songs flowing like misty rain–
Which one’s ours, which one’s theirs
…I drink.

Three shots, a couple more
Now I come undone.
Unthinkable thoughts turn into dandelions,
Sanity or insanity; wanting nothing more
…but drink.

Drink down that brandy,
See my mouth come loose.
Have you come closer to my heart;
Not letting go..
…’til you do.


It’s been a while since I wrote poems. A long while. The last time was for my Creative Writing class back in college. But my childhood was full of it. Unfortunately, I didn’t value my written works then as much as I do now.

by: thomas leuthard

El Fin

There must be a limit to everything like how there’s an end to every curve, roads, movies, songs, letters, and stories. Similarly, there could be a limit to sadness and happiness. Yet limits don’t just guarantee an end but also a beginning. Like how they call it the cycle of life although certain life cycles only happen when you will it.

My new chapter started with a soft call of his name for a favor. I could’ve done it myself but resources weren’t at my reach. We weren’t friends and I don’t really know his name but I was guessing that was it. In a library, a whisper would turn loud so I was glad no one else was there.

He turned with a friendly smile on his face which immediately eased my anxiousness. And because he turned, I thought it’s all or nothing: either I get my homework done or come up with option B.

It turned out he was not as arrogant as I thought. Generally, I think humans best weapon in socially awkward situations would be arrogance. It would scream “don’t talk to me or you’ll get your head bitten” or “I’m too cool for your own good”. His arrogance was “you may approach,but be intelligent(or at least try to be)”. Either way, I didn’t care.
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It’s Your Fourth!

Dear Hulk,

You’re getting bigger and learning the ropes. Baby steps. That’s how it’ll always be in life; always remember that. I can’t believe your turning four and that I can’t be there to celebrate it with you again.

I missed your first school orientation, first day at school, first shopping for school supplies, first homework, and first try with school shoes. That’s a whole lot of firsts and there would be more I’m certain I’m gonna miss. These things, they may not be a big deal for you, but you see as you grow older I’m sure youcover won’t share your other ‘firsts’ with me nor with my sister. Treasure all your firsts my dear. Keep mementos if you must. Keep them close to your heart. I’m so sure you’ll have a lot of them. Life is so beautiful you’d be wanting for more first encounters.

Now that you’re in school my only hopes would be for you to excel in it and not be bullied. I’m one to talk for I’ve been at both ends. Yes, I excelled in school because these are stepping-stones for a brighter future. If you do well in pre-school, you’ll have higher chances of getting into good primary schools. Just the same, do well in primary, you’ll be in a great high school. It is in high school where you’d be exposed to a lot of things—more bad than good, actually. As much as I want you to be compassionate and be in touch with your heart at most times, you must also know when to use your head. Don’t let your feelings get in the way of carving a better future. I’m telling you high school is the most fun and tempting of them all, but do great in your academics and you won’t find it hard to get into a premier university. And in university, well…learn as much as you can. Study hard, and party just as hard. University is like the test of life, on whether you’re ready for the real world or not. No, actually scratch that. All the days you spent living will prepare you for the real world.
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