It’s Pi Day!

“Each year, March 14 is Pi Day, in honor of the mathematical constant. Saturday is the once-in-a-century event when the year, ’15, brings the full date in line with the first five digits of pi’s decimal expansion — 3.1415. Typical celebrations revolve around eating pies and composing “pi-kus” (haikus with three syllables in the first line, one in the second and four in the third). But perhaps a better way to commemorate the day is by trying to grasp what pi truly is, and why it remains so significant.”

Manil Suri, Don’t Expect Math to Make Sense, The New York Times

Dear Pi, tell
I’m still trying.

Do read Manil Suri’s piece in The NYT. It’s informative, but not the boring kind. I still don’t quite figure his last statement in his article though. And I bet I won’t ever figure it out. Haha.

Happy Pi Day, everyone!


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