Lessons from Mom

At some point in our lives, things we expect to happen don’t exactly occur as planned. Or don’t happen at all. We don’t get anywhere close to achieving whatever pictures we pinned on our vision board. No matter how hard we try, we’re either thrown off course or frozen at standstill. The former, my friends, was my case for the past week.

It might be that I was too distracted by far more important things or that my body was just recuperating, but I wasn’t ticking off most items in my to-do list like I normally do. After being awfully sick for a week, I finally got better, yet somehow, as soon as I got back to work, I relapsed. Mom was upset about it and nagged even more about prioritizing health over work and, reading between the lines, spending time with family on weekends instead of doing overtime. Sometimes I wonder how mothers could sound annoying even if they were only preaching about the right thing. It is as if they don’t lose energy from their lecturing. Although true enough, we being their children can’t seem to get enough of their lectures seeing how we still don’t get things right.

So over the weekend, instead of cursing at myself for being once more quarantined to the bed, I headed downtown with my mom and Hulk for his much-needed haircut. We strolled at a mall afterwards, and Hulk was obviously happy to ride on a trolley at the grocery. The good thing about him and grocery is that they are friends. He isn’t the type who endlessly points at kid-loving-food-items and petulantly asks us to buy it. He would simply touch and ask questions for curiosity’s sake.

Later that night and the following day for lunch, mom prepared a healthy meal for all of us. By healthy, I meant vegetable stew, which we also shared with our lovely neighbors. Sharing blessings and enjoying healthy meals–definitely energy boosters! đŸ™‚


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