Hulk’s First Ash Wednesday

Yesterday was the start of Lent season. Everyone in the Roman Catholic church, except for kids who haven’t taken their communion, are supposed to attend mass and have their foreheads marked with the sign of a cross with ash. It’s a time of reflection on Jesus’ journey and passion.

But I didn’t. Hulk did, and he couldn’t seem to get enough of it.

Later this morning, my mom and I were sitting in the living room when he asked, “Ma, do I have school today?”

“No,you don’t.”

“But I have to go to school,” he reasoned with both his hands on his waist.

“What will you do there when you don’t even have classes?”

He drew a cross in the middle of his forehead, “like this.” We can’t help but giggle with his imitation of a priest celebrating Ash Wednesday.

“That was yesterday,” mom explained. “We don’t have it today.”

This time his face was indignant, “Teacher Che said so.”

“No, she didn’t. Besides, Teacher Che isn’t at school today.”

With that, Hulk went on to play with his toys.


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