“A series of fortunate events”

Several times since I posted the first entry for this meme, I felt a second entry might as well just fly out the window or into the trash. I’ve been sickly when I got back here from the south, mostly from the common cold. Other members of my family aren’t as sickly as I am, but the past week, they all felt a bit unwell. Perhaps it’s my mindset–if the mind thinks so, the body gets sick as well–that’s making me feel ill, which was stupid of me to think. I skipped on extra precaution this time (taking medicine and extra vitamins) and ended up with an awful case of stiff neck and colds.

In spite of that and several other bad news, life goes on and I’m thankful.

First off, I’m glad I successfully stopped myself from buying unnecessary items for 49 days–and counting! It’s part of my new years resolution: to only spend on “what I/they need”, and not on “what I like/want”. About time to take financial responsibility to another level. Also, I’m preparing for some changes I would like to happen to my life, which would definitely take most of my savings. On a side note, I’m carefully considering a minimalist lifestyle. It seems difficult and troublesome, but environmentally friendly. I haven’t gotten to societal concerns though.

Secondly, I was able to spend fun times with my mom, Hulk, a family friend and her dog under the sun by the beach. Growing up, God has blessed me with a birthplace surrounded by ocean. Five minutes of walking from where I live and we all could enjoy the beach. The tide was coming in when we came, which was good for Hulk. That was his first ‘I’m-aware-I’m-swimming’ moment so I was glad there was still enough time for him to adjust to his surroundings, especially since swimming is all about trust. We played in the sand with water at ankle level first, then we slowly walked towards the deep part. He was delighted at first, amazed at how both his legs were now soaked; however, he got upset when it rose up to his hip. He jumped on me and refused to get down. It was funny! He finally enjoyed swimming or waddling on his second try. This time, I left it all to my mother. Anything related to toddlers that I can’t handle no matter how I try shall be passed to mother.

Thirdly, my friend J told me her heart is happy. Oh, Love, you truly happen when we least expect! I’m happy and thankful she’s happy. Anyone can relate to J’s story and she truly deserves to be loved, like all of us here on this planet.

Fourthly, I’m just so thankful Hulk’s spelling is improving. Yesterday he came home from school with yet another star stamped on his hand for a perfect score in spelling. When I got back here, my sister ranted about how his lessons aren’t apt for his age, but I guess kids do catch up with help and enough time. After his Christmas break, we worked on the alphabet and cleared out confusions on B,D,V,H,F,P. We’re so proud of him.

Lastly, I’m thankful for people who allow us to see things in a new light and share lessons they’ve learned from life. In a way, it’s really very refreshing. For example, in a book I’m reading this week, one of the characters commented that failures are God’s way of keeping us humble. I can sense some truth to that somehow, although some people feel that that kind of feedback, after pouring out insecurities and disappointments, is lame. It all just depends on one’s beliefs, emotions, and situations. Which is why when S told me I was living a perfect life and he knows of others who would envy me, I thought it’s just a matter of perception, contentment, and definition. S meant well; nothing about singing me praises. In fact, he was teaching me a lesson after I masked a complaint with facts. We talked some more, and I admire and respect his wisdom.

*  *  *

It’s WONDERFUL LIFE WEDNESDAY meme once again. As the name goes, posts are about things I’m thankful for for the past week (because life is awesome with its roller coaster rides). I got the idea from a meme I saw my Facebook friends are doing and thought why not do it every day or at least every week. It’ll be more fun if you join!


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