cr: Thomas Jarrand


One shot of brandy and I feel her coming undone.
A misery she carved herself into–
while I’m lost on what to do
…besides drink.

Two shots of brandy, that’s all we need.
Songs flowing like misty rain–
Which one’s ours, which one’s theirs
…I drink.

Three shots, a couple more
Now I come undone.
Unthinkable thoughts turn into dandelions,
Sanity or insanity; wanting nothing more
…but drink.

Drink down that brandy,
See my mouth come loose.
Have you come closer to my heart;
Not letting go..
…’til you do.


It’s been a while since I wrote poems. A long while. The last time was for my Creative Writing class back in college. But my childhood was full of it. Unfortunately, I didn’t value my written works then as much as I do now.


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