by: thomas leuthard

El Fin

There must be a limit to everything like how there’s an end to every curve, roads, movies, songs, letters, and stories. Similarly, there could be a limit to sadness and happiness. Yet limits don’t just guarantee an end but also a beginning. Like how they call it the cycle of life although certain life cycles only happen when you will it.

My new chapter started with a soft call of his name for a favor. I could’ve done it myself but resources weren’t at my reach. We weren’t friends and I don’t really know his name but I was guessing that was it. In a library, a whisper would turn loud so I was glad no one else was there.

He turned with a friendly smile on his face which immediately eased my anxiousness. And because he turned, I thought it’s all or nothing: either I get my homework done or come up with option B.

It turned out he was not as arrogant as I thought. Generally, I think humans best weapon in socially awkward situations would be arrogance. It would scream “don’t talk to me or you’ll get your head bitten” or “I’m too cool for your own good”. His arrogance was “you may approach,but be intelligent(or at least try to be)”. Either way, I didn’t care.

So now we’re more than just faint call for favors. We’re loud laughter and giggles, silly and embarrassing moments, late nights at coffee shops, drunk nights, and morning afters.

But these too will soon come to an end.

It’s a fork path. Either we both choose to end it or put a pause.

Pausing is inevitable as I would be pursuing a different direction at a different place while ending is a looming option. And unlike in movies, there really isn’t a right time for talks on the options that lay ahead of us. We may make time but it might not be the right time even then.

Initially, we chose a positive outlook. But minds change as much as seasons do. And my thoughts have been cautiously tempting the boundaries of the fork path. Between the two of us, he’s the most hopeful and optimistic while I’m the worry freak, endlessly waiting for the end. I don’t really know why I’m expecting an ending to happen really soon. I just know that like any stories, ours too will have an ‘el fin’.


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