It’s Your Fourth!

Dear Hulk,

You’re getting bigger and learning the ropes. Baby steps. That’s how it’ll always be in life; always remember that. I can’t believe your turning four and that I can’t be there to celebrate it with you again.

I missed your first school orientation, first day at school, first shopping for school supplies, first homework, and first try with school shoes. That’s a whole lot of firsts and there would be more I’m certain I’m gonna miss. These things, they may not be a big deal for you, but you see as you grow older I’m sure youcover won’t share your other ‘firsts’ with me nor with my sister. Treasure all your firsts my dear. Keep mementos if you must. Keep them close to your heart. I’m so sure you’ll have a lot of them. Life is so beautiful you’d be wanting for more first encounters.

Now that you’re in school my only hopes would be for you to excel in it and not be bullied. I’m one to talk for I’ve been at both ends. Yes, I excelled in school because these are stepping-stones for a brighter future. If you do well in pre-school, you’ll have higher chances of getting into good primary schools. Just the same, do well in primary, you’ll be in a great high school. It is in high school where you’d be exposed to a lot of things—more bad than good, actually. As much as I want you to be compassionate and be in touch with your heart at most times, you must also know when to use your head. Don’t let your feelings get in the way of carving a better future. I’m telling you high school is the most fun and tempting of them all, but do great in your academics and you won’t find it hard to get into a premier university. And in university, well…learn as much as you can. Study hard, and party just as hard. University is like the test of life, on whether you’re ready for the real world or not. No, actually scratch that. All the days you spent living will prepare you for the real world.

I was also a bully and it is precisely so that I command you to NEVER BE A BULLY. Also, DON’T EVER LET ANYONE BULLY YOU. You know why bullies exist? Because they’re too insecure and sad. Walk away. There’s no point in getting into a fight with any of the bullies. Protect yourself and then protect those you love. You can’t protect others if you can’t protect yourself. Build and treasure friendship.

Also, respect your teachers. But don’t let them dictate who you are and who you want to be. BE YOU.

School is crazy fun, little one. I bet you’re gonna like it.

I love you!

Tita B

PS. I saw videos of you in class; I see you’re liking it and taking it on like a boss.


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