Day One: Bluemoon

Perhaps the worse thing today and from this point onward is hoping to please someone knowing I simply cannot please said person all the time,much less majority of it. It’s an awful feeling trying to navigate a small cage which I built myself. It’s also very petty of me to actually do this or think of this. Must I actually go back to that child I once was who loved getting stars of approval from teachers and nuns? Though we mustn’t lose our inner child, that doesn’t mean we must constantly ask for validation of our movements as adults.

Being one’s self is a self-worth happiness, not entirely a mutual one. Humans never learn I think when it comes to hoping for something as far as the moon,although they literally reached it. Maybe it’s even a mistake to compare the two. Hoping to please someone every single day is like wishing for blue moons everyday. It’s torture.

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