A Chapter Opened

How did I end up here?

It all started with a phone call..at dawn.

Aunt C asked me to manage her shop for a week while she and her husband go on a vacation. Since I was feeling kinda up for an adventure,I said yes.

That was it. And from there came other opportunities I didn’t see any good reason to say no to, including a chance to go to law school. That wasn’t part of my plans. More like I gave up on it a couple of years ago due to financial restraints and laziness.

Now, I’m officially enrolled with the first day set on June 9.

What I thought as vacation, a job hunt in a different place,turned out as a major turn in my journey. I know I’ve got it all figured out before I came here in Digos: handle the shop for a week or two, find a job, save up, experience more, and fly to Australia or anywhere in this world. That was just it. I already turned my back on anything related to politics and was keen on business and money.

At the moment,I can’t imagine what I would’ve felt had I decided not to take this detour. I can picture what I’d be doing though–putting my nephew to sleep and worrying about finances. A couple of weeks after I agreed, I started feeling a bit uneasy about this whole set up. I thought of the plans and other dreams I had to put on hold, and asked myself if I had any feelings of regret. I looked deep inside me and found none.

Here I am, miles away from home down South of my country, filled with anxiety, convincing myself that I can do this and hoping that all this is God’s plan for me. At the very least, it’s comforting to know that my 9-year-old-self is beaming at me.

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