See You

Dear Hulk,

Again, I left without saying goodbye. It’s hopeless to say goodbye in the morning,right before I leave,because you’re never up early. I thought I was gonna be back to play with you more after a couple of weeks,but boy was i wrong. We should’ve played more, strolled more, ran more,and frolicked more. You’ve grown very dear to me.
Don’t worry, I’ll be visiting every Christmas. I will never ever miss that holiday.

Now, I’m on a journey that would take me to even rougher roads and taller mountains. I’d be clashing against taller and stronger waves, and probably emerge looking and feeling like a tribute in the Hunger Games. Hopefully, well I’ll definitely do my best, I’ll win these challenges. And then…we’ll go to every Disneylands in the world!

Little boy,always remember to be kind to everyone. Be they rich or poor, young or old, boy or girl, sick or wounded–ANYONE and EVERYONE. Kindness takes inner strength but it will take you further.

I miss you!

Tita B

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