Our Wailing T

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of joining a baby’s christening. Two of my friends from childhood got married and had their second child last year. They’ve asked me to be godmother, and I thought why not. Surely a person like me could contribute some enlightening or guidance on this kid. 😀

He is such a tiny fella. And it was hard to make him stop crying. I didn’t ask to hold him for fear I’d set him off again.

I saw some kids playing nearby and I thought my friends and I were once like them. We ran around and laughed right before Bible Study and mass. Soon enough, my godchild T would be running around being as cheeky as any boy will ever be.

It was good to be back in that church with my friends. We spent most of our childhood servicing masses and other religious occasions. Now, as grown ups, we’ve attended all sorts of ceremonies as participants–in weddings and christenings.

PS. Years of keeping myself from a crowd didn’t help in the reception that followed.


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