Little Hulk,

Dearest you, have you thought of how irritating it is for me and your nanny to always clean up your mess? By mess,I mean your toys. They’re literally everywhere. Last year, you were doing good at arranging them right after you play. Now you’re slacking off. That’s fine, though. I bet jumping, rolling, and running are far more fun to do than cleaning.

Also, you actually had the guts to grab Kuya RJ’s toys, bringing them to Aunt N’s place, and even refusing to give it back. You naughty little kid. I wonder what happened to those toys. Probably you returned it the next day. I hope you did, because no one among us adults knew what happened next.

On the good side of things, you’re learning a lot of words lately. Hurray to you!!! And just last week, you insisted on diamond being a square. Brilliant! We are so very proud of you!!!

Aunt B


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