Dear Little Hulk

Where do I start? A lot has happened lately. First, there was this earthquake that traumatized you. We should have explained it to you right after why we couldn’t go back in the house yet. I could have told you why everything shook and why mommy had to literally drag you off the bed. Well, that’s over now and you got  over the stress. I must tell you it was a beautiful day for a picnic and you had fun playing with me, mommy and kuya.

Then, there came the strongest storm ever. No, it didn’t scare you one bit. You were on full gear, hood and all. 😀 And we played all day. The next day was also fun. You ran around the compound with your friends. It was probably the longest time you spent outside playing with friends. Lucky you!

And, you got sick. It was a frightful thing to me. I’ve never seen you this sick. And oh, just like any kid on this planet, you hated your medicines. You totally got on my nerve, throwing up on the bed in the middle of the night. You met the family doctor for the second time and things turned out fine. There were things we needed to do to get you right on track. You were amazing. Resting when I tell you so, drinking medicines after bribing you for toy cars, and behaving well when you got better.

Great news! You finally got all our names right! ^__^ And you learned a few more words, the alphabet, and now we’re working on numbers. But, you’re becoming even more bratty. I wonder what to do with that.

We love you little one, always know that.


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