Dear My Little Hulk,

Did I just call you mine? Yep,I did, you cute ball of energy.

I’m sorry you have to adjust to several different nannies whenever I’m here. Really, I didn’t do anything mean to them at all. Perhaps I might have been a bit stricter when it comes to how they take care of you, but you can never really blame an overly anxious aunt who just wants the best for you right? A beautiful neurotic aunt, if I must say. You were very picky yourself. I remember how tough it was to find a nanny for you. The good thing out of this all though is that we get to spend a lot more time together now. I guess it’s always down to you and me..we dragged Kuya this time.

The past couple of months have been really great for you. We’ve seen tremendous changes in your growth, not that you weren’t growing amazingly since you came to our family. Don’t misinterpret my words. Just that you’ve changed in the past couple of months.

Firstly, you can now pronounce a few words quite well. Don’t fret. All the other kids may be babbling tons of coherent words at this age, but that’s them. You are you. And I enjoy seeing your cute face as you try to pronounce some more words correctly. Before it was just “Mi”, now it’s “Mommy” and in a bratty way, really. You refused calling grandma ‘Mommyla’, and now you just call her “Mama” in that very endearing tone. I don’t think we’ve ever called her that way before, so thank you for letting her hear a sweet “Mama”.

And yet, young man, you can’t call me “Tita” properly yet. You used to pronounce that well, and sweetly, when you were tinier. Where did that vocab go? I am totally jealous. Just three days ago, you called me “Gaga”. I ain’t that artists, dearest. And then after that, you called me “Dada”. That’s okay, your “Ta” is just as beautiful and remarkable. Funny, that’s also how you call my younger brother who also happens to be your Uncle. It’s “Kuya”, my munchkin, “Kuya”.

Then, you’ve become much more expressive lately. What you are feeling is written all over your face. If only I could capture each facial expression you make. I’m having so much fun watching you react on almost everything. I remember one time I gave a faint cry of ‘Ouch’ in the kitchen and you came in running, shouting “You okay? Okay?”. That’s just you, ever so sweet and caring. Just last Sunday night, I did something stupid again and got reprimanded in the middle of the night. You got off the bed and stood right next to me, patting  my head, planting a kiss on my cheek and hugging me. See? We’re partners in crime.

And oh you’re even so much more fun to watch when annoyed. You’d cross your brows and arms like that and look very angry. And when you cross your arms, you’d do it quickly turning away from which that has annoyed you. You’ve definitely learned how to look pissed off, angry, and very angry. I’m glad you’re doing it like this instead of the usual random projectile motion of toys. The most admirable thing is that you’ve stopped punching us both playfully and angrily. Actually I don’t think there was any difference to those versions because they equally hurt a lot. It took a load of my disciplining skills to make you leave that phase. And thank you for letting me know I have that skill in me.

Finally, congratulations on graduating from your shape sorter! Yup, you know the shapes pretty well this time. You’re fabulous! I gotta tell you Mama had to put most of the pieces in the trash. Recently, you’ve been playing with blocks and stack up. I’d say you stack up almost anything you can get your hands on that we had to hide a lot of things from you. You’ve been doing really well at it. Challenged, if I must say. I was told this is your temperamental stage, and playing stack up really showed that. You’d cry when things eventually fell after two tries. I used to calm you and build it myself in a snap, but I figured that won’t do good to your growth so I just kept telling you to try it again. You would always do so, muttering to yourself “Okay” or “I got this” and shouting a triumphant “Yay!” at the very end.

Baby, always remember we are here for you but there would be times, and a lot of them, that you would have to do things on your own. Ask for help anytime, but do know that help from people won’t always be there. Still, I am sure you can do it. You’re wonderful. You’re a star!

Tita B


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