If I Should (Learn to) Trust..Forever

Trust that even when I am alone,I am not.
Trust that even when people stare at me condescendingly,
somewhere out there some look at me lovingly.
Trust that even when  words stab me through and through,
there are a million other beautiful words–phrases–in the world.
Trust that even if I get lost, I will always have time to learn,
to understand and to find direction.
Trust that when I’m drowning,
it’s far more comforting to pursue air than endless sleep.
Trust that when I seem to have nothing,
I have everything I could possibly need in that moment.
Trust that when I stumble and fall,
He is there to catch me and get me up on my feet.
Trust that man cannot only walk,but run…
grow wings and fly.
Trust that when things seem vague,
it would soon become crystal clear.
Trust that when it’s dark, it wouldn’t be so forever.
Trust Him.


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