Wharf-ed Wednesday

Last Wednesday was probably one of the great days I ever allowed to happen. It was so because (a) I went against my sister’s wishes, which is one of the good things I did for my inner self; and (b) I’ve always wanted to head down to the beach. As for A, ever since entering university, I kind of made a promise to myself to follow whatever my sister tells me to do because I was tired of making a mess in my life. I didn’t see what that would do to my self-esteem and well, maturity; so now I’ve been trying to unwind my system. Little by little, with reason and not just impulse. For B, I just love the ocean and this place I went to is the closest shore I could possibly go.

It was a holiday and there was enough idle time in the afternoon. It was also a day when the freshest of goods get to the town market. Initially, I was gonna go thrift shopping with my cousin at the local town center and then I realized we could take a side trip to an old wharf. It’s a popular side trip for tourists, and the first time I was here I liked the view of the ocean and the mountains. This time, I loved the shore and the sunlight kisses on the water.

RoseBorder by MeinLilaPark

RoseBorder by MeinLilaPark

That afternoon was incredibly sunny and windy. August is when strong winds blow from the south and I’ve been hearing the sound of the waves rushing to shore since Monday evening from our living room. It was pretty loud and could get even more so when typhoons drop by. I could smell that rustic stench as we walk towards the wharf. Lucky for me, tides were turning high by the time we reached it. Even luckier, there were only a few people around. I could take my time walking around the area, enjoying the view, and feeling the sea breeze on my skin. (My cousin was rushing to get back home though.I really don’t know why; the place was just refreshing.)

I took  my sister’s camera with me and honestly, I don’t know how to take good photos. The view was pretty scenic my photos cannot for the life of me give justice to it. I also couldn’t get the right shot when the waves would crash against the walls, splashing everywhere or on anyone standing at the tip of the wharf. I would say only 10% of the photos I’ve taken are pretty much decent for display. (I think I should invest some of my time on learning how to take good photos since I kind of like the feel of clicking that little button for the aperture to work.)

RoseBorder by MeinLilaPark


I definitely felt like one of the tourists taking pictures.




RoseBorder by MeinLilaPark

In the words of a good confidante, “the view of the sea is always nice”. Indeed, it always is. Another place to find serenity in this busy world.

Border Image: MeinLilaPark


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