Mid-August in a Blur

The past couple of weeks was just a blur, mainly because things never happened that fast ever since I left university. It was hella crazy for my vacation body aka ‘hibernation  mode’.

I dedicated the first ten days of this month to Hulk’s birthday party. It was his third and we wanted to throw him a party. Can’t believe it. THREE!! In all its perks and quirks. I’m just proud to be a part of those three lovely years and truly hope he won’t get tired of me as I plan to be there for him in all the years of his life. (Guess I should prepare myself for his teenage years.)

RoseBorder by MeinLilaPark

RoseBorder by MeinLilaPark

Being here at home to celebrate his birthday was a first  for me, and I was a bit excited. Of all the things I should be knowledgeable of, I still have no idea or whatsoever in organizing a big house party. Parties like these give me a huge deal of anxiety. It’s like having formalities and informalities in the same room, but for this one with an extra precaution. So instead of fussing over the detailed thing, I volunteered in babysitting and house cleaning! Ha, I should’ve known better! I gave up on both duties soon after and mom assigned me to a bit of kitchen magic. I think I do well with a knife. It didn’t really help that it was raining cats and dogs that afternoon. Too much of a tease for my hibernation mode.

Week after that..is a bit of a problem. I can’t remember anything at all besides shopping and running errands for my sister.

Border Image: MeinLilaPark


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