On Literature: An End to Universes for Igor

I finally made some time to continue reading yet another of my favorite author’s finest works. It was a struggle reading this particular fiction: from flicking to the next page to putting it all down and from immersing in the streets of Cannes to resurfacing for realistic breathing. I must say I was unprepared for this kind of learning; I’m still trying to be. The story itself is not something my pure mind would be willing to handle, but I believe would be vital if I were to continue living. Indeed, the choice I made when I purchased this book was very fitting to my reason for getting  myself a graduation present.

The Winner Stands Alone, by Paulo Coelho, is short of Shakespearian love and more of macabre reality. That is what I’ve come to realize as soon as it became obvious that Igor, a psychopathic character, is completely resolved to his mission of killing for love. Murder, scandal, covetousness and the sorts are all too common when you live in my part of the Earth, and so I’ve consciously accepted that I would be forever living with them. And with that acceptance, I chose to not mind them for they are all too negative and frightful. Coming across them in literature was always at a technical and political perspective, which explains my hesitation in perceiving them with affection and emotion in mind. To me, murder is never justified, whatever the circumstance, and the destruction of universe is of an alien or astrophysical phenomenon; yet, Paulo Coelho showed me something more.

RoseBorder by MeinLilaPark

When I was in college, my Art Studies professor told me there are different realities. Each person has his/her own reality, of how the world is known, viewed, run, or interpreted. This I believe by heart for it is reflective of how one person’s opinion varies with the other. They see things on a different light and such is a part of their reality.

In yet another class, one of my classmates said there is only one reality for all. I disagreed and after listening more on what he has to say, I understood how he could only see one reality. Arguing and insisting my take on reality is a moot point. We clearly are not on the same page, and respect is our only common ground.

The book I am currently reading is definitely not an answer to an argument I was once in years ago, but it has some bearing to the topic. Destroying universe, as always mentioned by Igor, is an attractive and yet befuddling phrase. It made me think of sabotaging a dream, bringing down a company, or taking something important from another. At one point I thought of a massive nuclear force. I didn’t think of ending life for I didn’t equate a person’s life with the word ‘universe’. I see universe like how my Science class taught me, and the book made me realize how naive i was, regardless of the degree I’ve earned. The destruction of universe could of course be easily viewed as the destruction of reality. After all, there are just as many realities in the world as there are many universes in The Winner Stands Alone. As Igor destroyed a universe, he has also extinguished a reality.

And just as how I easily came to that conclusion, the memory of my Art Studies class swiftly resurfaced. My professor added that although there are many realities, they too, fall under one single reality. I don’t remember what encompassing reality that is, or perhaps he failed to mention it. I am nonetheless left wondering the courage it takes to destroy a universe–someone’s carefully crafted reality.

RoseBorder by MeinLilaPark

I’ve learned a few other angles from which one can view the act of killing with Paulo Coelho’s craft. Logically thinking, I am blessed to learn more about it even if it had risked opening an even sadder fact of the world. Of course I remain hopeful to a positive ending of this entangled storyline. Perhaps a morally acceptable form of justice or so. Despite being fiction, it felt real, which is mainly why I am drawn and in love with Paulo Coelho’s works. The Winner Stands Alone has been out and back its shelf from May of this year, and what’s left for me to read now are five important pages.


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