Le Sigh

Ever since the nanny left us, my day has practically turned into a routine–working in the afternoon and housekeeping in the morning and evening. Housekeeping is how I generalize the task which actually includes taking care of my nephew, tidying up the whole house, washing dishes, cooking for lunch if there are no leftovers, and cleaning the yard. This is becoming the one thing that I really hate to happen in my life. It is especially tormenting when I think about how the end of this sudden responsibility to keep the house in order is nowhere in sight.

Routines aren’t my thing and I am not made for it. Even with the 15 years I spent in school, not once did it feel like a routine for there was always something different and exciting every day. I knew I had fixed schedule of classes and yet I also knew there was something new to look forward to. Unlike now where everything just goes with the schedule. Nothing interestingly new. Although, from a different perspective, at least I get to see what’s gonna happen next and how it’s gonna turn out to.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise at all if only I could comprehend reality as much as I could imagine plans. I knew what was up for me when I decided to stay here in my family’s house for the month of May. Like what I always tell myself, nothing a creative mind and a beautiful spirit couldn’t handle. I will now leave it to my imagination and the forces of the universe to craft something interesting in a seemingly indefinite mundane days.


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