6 Things in Baby Bath

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Since the nanny left, I’ve been babysitting my nephew full-time–from dusk to dawn. Well, my younger brother takes the afternoon shift which entails keeping him asleep from 1 o’clock to 5. With him being so active, he’s almost always K.Oed for 2-3 hours. I could still remember the first time I gave him a bath. It felt like washing a wiggly creature.

I’ve combined a few things I ought to remember the next time I give him a bath. Pretty much common sense to most people, but really helpful for first timers like me.

6 Things I Must Not Forget Next Bubble Time

1. Rubber Ducky. Who would have thought floating ducks–or any cute object for that matter–would do the trick? Not me. Definitely not before I went into the bath without it and had to improvise with a shampoo bottle, which kept him entertained.

2. Close Your Eyes. My mom did remind me that he couldn’t handle water flowing from his head down so I had to be careful when washing his hair or rinsing his body. The silly me thought it was human instinct to close one’s eyes when water is being poured on one’s head. I still think it is. Nonetheless, I forgot to tell him to close his eyes before rinsing his hair. He struggled for a second and got so annoyed that he slapped my leg.

3. It’s Slippery. Of course it is and will always be. Nothing bad happened, fortunately. It’s just that I tend to overestimate his abilities and level it to that of an adult which of course is not helpful most of the time.

4. Temperature. I knew cold water is not best for a two-year old and neither is a hot one. Getting the right temperature is essential. To be honest, I am not entirely sure if what I had given him was just right. It was warm enough for me.

5. It Shouldn’t Be That Long. Admittedly, I think that morning was like one of those adrenaline rush I feel when I play soccer or touch rugby. There was a need to rush or else he’ll catch a cold. I was close enough to panicking, but I thought to myself, heck, it’s just a bath;nothing serious. Really, I made myself believe that and it went on in my head like a mantra. Giving your toddler a bath is a serious thing though, but I think it shouldn’t really take a long time.

6. Preparedness Is A Key. Everything, to the last detail, should be prepared before one brings a toddler in the bath and out of it. Things could get out of hand when you leave him for a while just because you forgot this or had to get that. This was a mistake I made and, hopefully, will never happen again.


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