What About Curfews?

6:00pm. That was my curfew growing up in my father’s house, set by no less than himself. There were exceptions though, and they all constituted academic activities. Hours beyond that was considered to be dangerous and unfit of a girl. Not that the small town I was living in has got insane people running amok. My parents just grew up in a conservative Spanish culture ancestry which would later translate to me and my siblings nursed with the same tradition. That’s all there is. Or at least, I thought.

Now, all passed through the awkward stage of adolescence and grappling the ropes of adulthood, I’m reconsidering the respect I’ve given to curfews. One of my classes at the university had shown the societal perspective of curfews and I am not going to write about that. It’s far off from why and how I see curfews now.

I’m thinking about my nephew, Hulk, and his curfew, set by no less than myself.

my sis, who took this photo, asked him to look up and it was just so sunny that time. thus, the squinting face >.<

my sis, who took this photo, asked him to look up and it was just so sunny that time. thus, the squinting face >.<

He’s turning three this year and even this early, I had unconsciously set his curfews. I rarely allow him to play in our front yard for fear of seeing him trip and fall headfirst, having all sorts of allergies caused by plants, accidentally eating dirt, and getting bitten by bugs and mosquito. At times when the weather outside is good and when he has had enough TV, I’d ask his nanny to take him out to play, but only until five.  On a number of occasions, his nanny and I would wrestle with him just to get him back in the house. It wouldn’t take long for anyone to figure out that he loves nature; unfortunately, there are things in nature that could be dangerous for him at this stage.

I see my neighbors allowing their children to play out in the streets until 6pm while some of them don’t even let their child go beyond the gates. He, basically, has the earliest of curfews (just like how I had the earliest among my friends). When we first arrived in this street, one of the neighbors told me that a kid who doesn’t spend much time outside of his house ends up with an aggressive behavior towards his playmates at school for such kid was unaccustomed to the presence of other children. I have no idea how true that is.

With all that said, is it really proper for me to establish a curfew to a two-year old child? I guess, yes. If only to keep him safe, then he’d always have this 5 o’clock curfew. Yet, I wonder if it really is good for him to have this. After all, good and proper are two different words.


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